Let the sanding begin

After removing all of the deck rigging, I started sanding off the top layer of varnish. I an just sanding enough to remove scratches and imperfections in the finish that occurred while I was rushing to finish it last spring.


A little adult beverage helps pass the time.

I am also going to redo the seat. I found that after hours of paddling sitting in the cockpit was painful. You can see here I have ripped out the seat. I have been looking at different seat designs and I haven’t decided what I am going to do yet. I have also sanded the combing down to the bare wood. I am going to restain it.




Well, now that the kayaking season is over it is time to refinish the Wraith. It was a great Summer and Fall of kayaking. I did not baby the Wraith one bit and she held up well. She carries many minor scars from the adventures of the year. It is time to (re)finish her right.

I will be sanding off the top layers of varnish, smoothing and recoating the hull and repainting the sides. I have several other modifications in store.

First thing: hatches