Teach’s Hole

In these waters they killed Black Beard the pirate.  His real name was Edward Teach, hence the name.  He would anchor his ship here and when a ship was sighted he would run out to attack them.


Lands End

2nd day of kayaking at Ocracoke.

Headed out out around 8:15.  Kayaked South along the coast.


That is the town of Ocracoke in the background.


Many small beaches to stop at along the way.

Explored some creeks.  There are oyster beds under the water here.

This is a vast bird sanctuary. Can’t land here.  Grrrrrr!



This is the very south South end of the island.

That is the Atlantic ocean to the right of the land.


Pulling back into the beach house.  That is it to the right of the beached  sail boat.  Ocracoke lighthouse to the right of that.

A nice 10 mile morning paddle.