After a couple of days of sanding the sides, and wrapping in plastic I have finally painted the sides. Wrapped in plastic…

Painted the hull with Krylon Fusion.  I know many purest will scream.  But it is cheap, it looks pretty good and easy to touch up and repair.

Here it is all unwrapped


Epoxy Carbon

Here is the bottom of the kayak.  This is epoxy mixed with carbon (graphite).  It is some very interesting stuff.  Once cured, it becomes extremely tough and slick.  Applying it is like rolling on tar.

The line above the black epoxy will be painted Red.

Compass mount

Worked on these parts for mounting the compass.

The top piece will be the “base” or fairing for the compass.  It will be glued to the deck the lower piece gets mounted under the deck.  The compass is cradled by this piece.  Foam rubber will cushion the compass.

Here is the compass in its location.  It is sitting in the hole that I will enlarge and mount the fairing over.

I started applying more epoxy to the hull.  This is the last coat on the sides before the paint.


Cleaned up the combing.  This involved cutting away the excess wood and sanding it smooth.


Then I stained the rear hatch and the combing.  The rear hatch stained well, but the combing didn’t take the stain as well.  I will have to add another application tomorrow.