It is time to plane the shear clamps.  These are the cypress 1 by 3/4 inch strips running down the insides of the hull. These form a major structural component of the hull. The deck is glued and nailed to these strips.  Since the deck will be curved around the bulkhead and the deck beam the shear clamps can’t be flat.  They must take on the same curve as the deck beam and bulk heads.  To achieve the proper curvature 2 planing guides are used. The one closest to the camera is for the aft end. The one furthest is for the bow end.  You can see it has more curve than the aft one.

You can see all the shavings inside the boat from the plaining.  Only about 1/3 of the way done here.

Using these guides I shape the clamps.   The object is to get the guides to fit tight against the shear clamp with no light.  Like this:

The deck will follow the arc in the picture above.

perfect bulkhead to side transition…




Huge progress this weekend.  It is very nasty weather outside, prefect for kayak building.  After some final sanding I decided the hull was smooth enough to put on the fiberglass.  The glass comes in a large rectangular piece and is draped over the hull.

Then great care is taken to smooth it out so no wrinkles are in the cloth.

Then you start pouring on the epoxy.  I use a little plastic squeegee to spread it out and work the epoxy into the weave of the fabric.

You have to use a lot of epoxy for this.

Back to a pretty hull.  It’s ashame this will be covered with paint, but I intend to use this boat and the pretty wood would just be under water.  I will leave the deck wood grained.

Long day of sanding

Well the hull is about 90% done being sanded.  After another 30 more min of sanding it will be ready to be coated in fiberglass and epoxy.

After I got the panels together I had to put epoxy putty in all the little gaps where the wood came together.  This required a lot of sanding.   I also ran epoxy putty beads along the bow leading edge and the stern edge.  This required a lot of sanding too.



This will provide a hard edge for the bow and stern.  This hull will be painted.

Here is the start of the compass mount.

The compass will be mounted on the deck and the body will extend down into the round recess.  This will be glued to the underside of the deck. The square lines are the outline of the compass body.  There will be 2 other pieces of wood of the same shape but smaller under this.  Better pictures when I get further along.

Hull cleaned up

After snipping all the copper wires off, I hand sanded all the copper nubs sticking out.  I basically gave the whole hull a nice hand sanding, inside and out.

I cleaned up my work area.

Things may move slowly now that the major construction is over.


Cockpit glued

Working late I got the cockpit glued.  Like the other parts this took epoxy putty along the panel joints followed by fiberglass tape.  In this area I layered fiberglass cloth over everything too. This is because you stand, sit and otherwise abuse this area.

Aft glued

I got the aft end of the boat glued up.  Once this glue cures the boat’s shape will be fixed.  I have stressed over knocking it out of alignment while it is clamped to the sticks that are clamped to the sawhorses.  This is a very rickety affair.  One good bump and I could have a twisted hull.  Not good!